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English Bulldog Harness



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I will not deny that this is a total fantasy of mine

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Inventive! :p

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I’ve always found these muzzles incredibly hot

I’ve always found these muzzles incredibly hot

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When Damien would deep throat a big-cocked dude, he’d try to suck a curved one so that curve would match the angle of his throat… This would help it slip easily down his throat.  Here we see Damien using this technique to easily accommodate a thick 9 inch cock completely down to the root.  Only thing left for his man to decide is, should he pull back to cum, so Damien can taste the fresh semen in his mouth prior to swallowing?  Or, should he drive his cock home to the root inside Damien and ejaculate his semen directly down the lad’s gullet?

I do enjoy doing this to my subs too :)


"Captured Worker" pt.1`

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